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Guylaine Jodoin

president, G Module concept

Design, Innovate, Improve

G Module concept is a company located in Saint-Pie, Quebec, Canada, specializing in the design and manufacture of multi-functional furniture.

As its slogan promises, G Module concept helps you make the most of your space with products such as its desk-bed and wall frame-table, wonders of innovation in the field of multi-functional furniture.

Guylaine Jodoin, president of G Module concept, is one of the most innovative businesswomen in Quebec.

A company that thinks big

G Module concept is proudly ’manufactured in Quebec : the raw materials are processed in a Saint-Pie factory with Uniboard laminate purchased from Gaspésie; products are designed by Guylaine Jodoin.

Always passionate, she has surrounded herself with an experienced and committed team of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and representatives in order to design, manufacture, and market her products within her distribution network

Cameli Desk-Bed

G Module made its reputation with the design of its Cameli desk / bed and its unique mechanism. A smooth mechanical action keeps the desk side flat. There is therefore no need to close your laptop: everything stays in place thanks to the 18 inches of clearance between the desktop and the bottom of the bed. Another advantage of the desk-bed is that it is freestanding and therefore can mobile. It can easily be moved or be used as a divider in a room.

Tablo Art & Table

Emboldened by the success of its desk-beds, G Module dedicated 2 years to the development of TABLO: a wall-mounted table that converts into a frame. Ideal for condos, cottages, the office, the lobby, hotels, restaurants, etc. Wherever you want to decorate while benefiting from extra space to welcome guests. Make the most our of your space.

New – Bancof Chest-Bench

G Module Concept has just expended its multi-functional product line by adding the new Bancof, a chest-bench that will please clients looking for extra space in their vestibule or any other room in the house. To take off your winter boots, put down your packages, put away hats, mittens, and much more, Bancof is as handy as it gets.